Tire Care


At Sayan Tires India PVT LTD your safety is our prime concern and Tire failure can result in serious damage and/or personal injury. To reduce the risk of tire failure we recommend the following :

  • Maintain proper inflation pressure-do not use at under inflation or over inflation. Maintain inflation pressure at the level recommended by vehicle manufacturer.
  • Wheel alignment and balancing should be checked at regular intervals.
  • Do not overload. The maximum load carrying capacity is molded on the sidewall of the tire.
  • Do not spin your tires excessively and avoid driving over curbs, potholes, obstacles and edges of pavement.
  • Never drive on smooth(bald) tires. By law, tires must be replaced when 2/32″ of tread depth remained, as indicated by tread wear indicator molded in the tread grooves.
  • Check your tires frequently for any scrapes, cuts, foreign objects, separations or bulges. If damage is found, do not attempt to dismount a tire yourself. Change damaged tire with the spare and contact the nearest Sayan Tires India PVT LTD office immediately.
  • Do not drive in excess of speed limits allowed by law or the maximum speed justified by driving conditions.
  • To achieve proper even wear and gain maximum tread life, tire rotation at regular intervals is required.

For more information relating to NEXEN TIRE, please contact us at info@sayanindia.com.